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Portfolio Manager and member of the Scientific Community

Henrik is head of Portfolio Management for the Public, Transport and Utility industries at Worldline in Germany - the European leader in the payment and transactional services industry. He is member of the Atos Scientific Community and the global track leader for Electromobility. As portfolio manager he is responsible for the definition and the development of Worldline offerings within these markets. This function includes the transformation of innovative ideas into products and business implementations.

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Articles posted by Henrik Hodam

Do you want to pay with your watch?

The huge current sales push regarding wearables such as smart watches, bracelets or rings directly leads to the major question about the related use cases for these new devices. In addition to the more health and wellbeing related use cases such as a fitness tracker, we can see many attempts to use wearables for payments. Here we refer…

Driverless cars - Send your car home

One of the most spectacular news of the last time was the message about the self-driving (driverless) cars that have been developed by Google (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_driverless_car). Here a car will be equipped with a dedicated laser sensor on top and radar sensors all around. Furthermore based on a very detailed card material and the exact car position the car…

What can eCars learn from Biogas?

Almost everywhere in the press we can find articles about the introduction of electric vehicles in every part of the world. In many countries the first pilots have been started and the car manufacturers have brought the first EV models at the market. But all the existing activities are still looking for the right business case which will be mainly influences…