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Chief Science Officer for Digital Health Solutions for Atos and member of the Scientific Community

Dr. Heather Haugen has deep expertise in health information technology and a passion for research and the application of those outcomes to the challenges that currently exist in healthcare. She is the Chief Science Officer for Atos in their Digital Health Solutions division. Prior to her current role, she was the Managing Director of The Breakaway Group, A Xerox Company. She has served in research, development and information systems leadership roles. Her past roles have led to a unique mix of experience, including conducting rigorous research, leading development efforts based on research outcomes, and leading and developing top-performing teams. Haugen has more than 20 years of research experience in both the academic and private sectors. Her research and methodology is published in her latest book, Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology, which is the second edition and a National Bestseller. Dr. Haugen holds a faculty position at the University of Colorado Denver- Anschutz Medical Center as the Director of Health Information Technology, where she actively mentors doctoral students and teaches courses.

She is also the author of Beyond Implementation: A Prescription for the Adoption of Healthcare Technology.

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Articles posted by Heather Haugen

Device Vulnerabilities: A Blind Spot for Healthcare

Security breaches in healthcare organizations continue at an alarming rate impacting their reputation, productivity and financial health. In May, nearly 2 million healthcare records were breached across 44 organizations. Beyond the obvious risk to patient privacy, the CIOs cited the significant decrease in organizational productivity as a chief impact of these breaches. The financial punch is staggering when you…

Digital dilemmas in healthcare

The digital transformation in healthcare is influencing every aspect of care delivery- from the bench to the bedside and into homes. Technology continues to be an important enabler across the entire spectrum of healthcare spanning genomics, clinical guidelines and social determinants of health. The intersection of healthcare and technology will play a central role in driving the value of health globally. The digital transformation…

Healthcare Leadership Challenges in a Tumultuous Environment

Healthcare leaders are facing a landscape of unprecedented change driven by legislation, financial constraints and digital transformation. The interplay between these three forces requires a balancing act to manage resources and budgets. It also presents a unique opportunity for those prepared to innovate and rethink how they deliver care. New and ever-evolving legislation influences reimbursement, licensure, quality, safety, privacy…