About Harbir Sawhney

Global Portfolio Head, Life Sciences

For more than 30 years, Harbir has been associated in the IT industry, including 12 years helping healthcare and life sciences companies in their digital transformation journey. Harbir’s focus over the last six years has been to help life sciences companies build a digital transformation roadmap from molecule to market by leveraging AI/ML, big data and analytics, automation and Industry 4.0 for drug discovery, decentralized clinical trials, factory automation, and post marketing to accelerate the processes while reducing costs and improving quality. He is engaged in creating solutions that utilize sensor technology, mobile apps, cloud and smart labels for tracking and collecting patient data and enhancing patient engagement.

Articles posted by Harbir Sawhney

Transforming the drug discovery process with digital

"Our need will be the real creator" – Plato Despite being old, this proverb resonates well with the pharmaceutical industry's current scenario. The sector is undergoing rapid change, and one of the essential aspects of this transformation is the expiring patents which contribute a major share of the revenues.The journey from developing a drug molecule to introducing it into…