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Head of Retail Transformation, Chief Merchant Officer TEAM & Worldline member of the Scientific Community

Gert-Jan excels in projects at the intersection of sales, technology, customer experience & innovation. He began his career at Worldline Global as an IT Security Analyst and later became a Customer Innovation Consultant. In his previous role, he ensured that Worldline clients received the best solution tailored to their specific needs and helped our company to continuously improve its products based on customer feedback.

In his current role as the Head of Retail Transformation, Gert-Jan continues to build upon and improve the customer journey experience across domains through active market strategy management across all segments. He will also be responsible for the development and promotion of sales tools in cooperation with the sales, marketing, and product teams. In addition, he will work on trend monitoring, business intelligence initiatives, designing partnerships and lead strategies and aligning business and product visions.

Gert-Jan is passionate about education, lifelong learning, and professional development. He is also an active member of the Scientific Community, where his knowledge in electronics and ICT (MA, KU Leuven) and aeronautical sciences (BA, KH Brugge-Oostende VIVES) is helping to shape the future vision of the company.

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Articles posted by Gert-Jan Andries

5G opportunities for the telecommunication market

From mainframes and client-server to cloud computing accessed by mobile devices: every phase of the communications revolution we have experienced over the past 50 years has been enabled by advances in networking. This also applies to the revolution currently in progress. IoT, consumerization, and AI all rely on fast, low-cost, reliable networks. Every day, more and more devices are actively communicating…