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Innovation & Digitization, Global Manufacturing, Retail & Transportation

Felix Weindel is driving innovation and digitization across Atos’ clients in the global Manufacturing, Retail & Transportation market. He is passionate about the usage of new technologies and approaches to create business value for Atos’ clients. He is member of the global Wellbeing@Work council, an internal think tank exploring and promoting new ways of working. Before joining Atos, Felix Weindel worked as a Bid Manager at Unify, a global communication and collaboration solutions and services provider. He studied Business Administration combined with an apprenticeship in Industrial Management. Felix is a highly motivated individual with considerable experience in effective project management and a proven track-record at devising successful business strategies.

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Articles posted by Felix Weindel

Stay cool and connected

It all goes back to a client innovation workshop where we talked about managing a fleet of trucks by connecting them with the benefit of improved operational efficiency. This was when one of the world’s leading producers of soft drinks first challenged us with the question: "We also have a fleet of assets in the field… millions of coolers… how can you create the…