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Executive Director, Cloud Practice, Atos North America

Eric Brunker is an Executive Director of the Cloud Practice at Atos North America. Eric is responsible for go-to-market functions of the Atos global strategy for cloud, automation, and other emerging technologies; and translating them into tangible deliverable services that create short- and long-term business benefits to Atos clients. Mr. Brunker has specific focus on Atos’s banking, financial services and insurance clients as well as public sector clients and strategic projects. Throughout his career, Mr. Brunker has helped numerous Fortune 2000 organizations achieve market leadership and growth in their respective segments, through the aggressive use of existing and emerging technologies.

Mr. Brunker joined Atos in April 2019, bringing to the company 24 years of experience as a technology business development executive with expertise in dynamic, challenging and complex environments. He has a proven track record of driving cloud transformation, overseeing process development, organizational improvements, new product launches and marketing strategies.

Mr. Brunker has held senior management positions in his past at a couple of today’s largest global technology companies: Dell and IBM.

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Articles posted by Eric Brunker

Understanding cloud cost optimization

News alert: Cloud computing will not lower your cloud costs. However, it will help you optimize your costs. Confused? Let me explain. Ever since the cloud started going mainstream, the message from cloud providers has been that the cloud cuts the cost of running your own on-premises IT infrastructure. The rationale was that the cloud allows you to move to a consumption-based model and…

The cloud is not a product

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, all the way back to freshman year of college and that Marketing 101 class. In this class, most of us were introduced to the 4 P’s of Marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. In between trying to stay awake and planning the next kegger, little did we know we were learning something that we…