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Head of Health, Business and Platform Solutions, UK&I

Elaine is Head of Health, Business and Platform Solutions, UK&I. She is passionate about bringing innovation, digital transformation and technology to our much valued health clients. Elaine has extensive experience of working with the NHS to shape strategy and delivery. Prior to her current role, Elaine led Atos Health Consulting, UK&I. Prior to joining Atos, Elaine held a number of health consulting director roles and a number of board level roles in the NHS.

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Articles posted by Elaine Bennett

Creating a truly paperless hospital

Many organizations have an aspiration to become paperless. There are huge benefits – for the environment, for efficiency and, of course, for service users themselves. While healthcare services need to be delivered cost-effectively, becoming paperless is much more than that. It’s about delivering better care in the face of complex demands, enhancing the patient experience, and improving day-to-day working for hospital staff.…