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Principal Consultant, member of the Scientific Community and Distinguished Expert and member of the Scientific Community

Dr. Prakash Shrivastava is currently a Principal Consultant at Atos|Syntel Digital One Practice. He serves as a member of the Atos Scientific Community, a global network comprised of 150 of the top scientists, engineers and forward thinkers from across the Group. As a member, Shrivastava explores the impact of digitization on the future of work and new concepts of intelligent systems. He is also a distinguished expert in the Data Intelligence domain of Atos Expert Community.

Before joining Atos, he held managerial positions at General Motors Tech Center in the areas of analysis, modeling and simulation of automotive control systems, quality control, systems dynamics and engineering processes for more than 22 years. Prior to that, he worked for 7 years in the areas of flight testing and flight control systems at Aeronautical Development Establishment in Bangalore, India. His current areas of interest are artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive maintenance.

Dr. Prakash Shrivastava earned a master’s degree and a PhD degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton University. Currently, he is also an adjunct faculty member at the School of Management at University of Texas at Dallas where he teaches Executive Systems Engineering and Management (SEM) program in manufacturing and service systems.

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