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Senior Vice President, Business Transformation Services & IAS

David joined Atos in March of 2014 as the Client Executive for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Personal Independent Payment (PIP) contract reporting to the COO of Atos UK&I. David’s role was very much client focused. As well as working very closely with the DWP and Atos PIP operational teams, he also played a big role internally with the Atos Executive and externally in making sure that all PIP stakeholders are well informed about our role in the process.

Having led the recovery of the PIP contract, reducing the backlogs and delays as well as poor quality regime, David was then promoted to the Atos UK&I Executive Committee leading the delivery and growth of the £500m Business Transformation Services division which includes National Savings & Investments (NS&I) and Aegon. The main focus of BTS in 2019 and beyond is the growth of our financial services business building on the excellent partnerships we have with NS&I and Aegon.

David attended Scottish Welfare Reform Committee, June 2015. Public Account Committee, February 2016. Works and Pensions Select Committee, December 2017.

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