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Client Strategy and Innovation, Atos Senior Expert and member of the Scientific Community

Claire has been in the IT industry for over 25 years, designing and building solutions for both Government and private sector organizations. Responsible for client innovation in the UK Digital practice at Atos, Claire works with agile teams combining UX and software engineering to build solutions which can test the application of emerging technologies such as VR/AR, machine learning and AI. Claire is a mentor for HexagonUX, supporting Diversity and Inclusion in IT. Outside work, Claire is a serial tennis team player, now up to county level as a veteran!

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Articles posted by Claire Unwin

Crying Wolfie - A digital companion for the elderly

“Join the Wolfie pack – because we look after our own!” That was my final cheer leading cry as part of a 3-minute pitch to the investment board at Aegon Transamerica after a 24-hour hackathon where the team built a digital companion aimed at supporting the old and vulnerable at home. ‘Wolfie’ is a personalized,…