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Codex Global Sales Head

Christophe manages at group level sales & go-to-market of Atos Codex solutions across a wide range of verticals. Codex is the Atos brand which federates all Big Data, Analytics, IoT & cognitive solutions. Christophe has a strong 20+ year experience in Business, Sales & Pre-sales management positions in France & Europe within IT & Telco, Service & SW industries. He has a strong ability to improve sales team efficiency in multi-cultural environment. He was previously Global Market Executive for Cloud, Telecom, Media, Energy & Utilities, and Business Development Director Cloud solutions for Digital Transformation at Canopy, the Atos Cloud.

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Articles posted by Christophe Escande

Big Data and Advanced Analytics: A Lasting Investment

These days, there’s hardly a business that isn’t considering the challenges of Big Data and Advanced Analytics. Whatever their size, whatever their sector, they have all realised that hidden away in their data there is enormous potential for improvements in efficiency and new revenue opportunities. But after the initial stages of breakthrough and proof-of-concept test runs, the time…