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Head of Telco, Media & Technology Germany at Atos

Christian is Global Head of Telco, Media & Technology within Atos Germany. He has a strong background in Business Strategy and Business Modeling and looks back to many years of Management Consulting expertise. He is also member of the Scientific Community since 2012.

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Articles posted by Christian Ruess

How to get your “Chief Digital Officer” for free!

They are everywhere! There is no getting around them. Wherever you look and whenever you read about digitalization, you will get to the point where the author recommends setting up a new role called “Chief Digital Officer”: Hiring a smart person to take care of digital transformation is seen as the ultimate weapon and smartest way…

Why do companies squander potential of mobile devices?

Smartphones and tablets ease daily live Sales figures of mobile devices have increased with an incredible speed over the past few years. No matter whether for business or private purposes – most people use a minimum of two devices several times per day. Smartphones and tablets make our daily lives a lot easier: We rely on them so…