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Chief sales officer for Atos North America

Charley LeMaster is chief sales officer for Atos North America. His responsibilities include sales, business development, marketing, alliances and third-party advisor relations.

With over 20 years in the technology services field, Charley has served in roles such as senior vice president of sales and senior managing director for healthcare IT. His experience includes helping large enterprises grow, improve client services, run global operations and manage P&L.

From his perspective, technology powers everything you do — so you need to get with it. Working in an R&D-focused company like Atos, Charley enjoys being at the forefront of business technology. And, despite his resistance, he admits to occasionally being infected by new tech-head enthusiasms for business staples like systems integration, managed services and business process outsourcing.

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Articles posted by Charley LeMaster

Resetting the device support experience

From spinning circles of death to new employee setup, sometimes you just have to ask for help. When it happens to you, do you dread contacting the helpdesk? I used to! This is how I overcame the fear. In my experience, being cut off from my trusted technology isn’t the worst of it. I’m feeling isolated, I’m not getting any work done,…

Managing the life of your devices

Let’s not beat around the bush on this, devices can be a big headache for employers. They are costly and varied. They are also prone to loss, theft and being dropped! Managing the life of a company’s devices is hard work. So what are the benefits of good management? The latest technology brings many benefits that we have explored already in…