About Ben Murphy

Director of Digital and Innovation

Ben has over 10 years of management consulting experience from within strategy and big 4 consulting. He has successful experience in defining corporate strategy and leading large scale, multi-workstream, transformations in Europe and the Middle East - across the engineering, health and financial services sectors. As a Director for Digital and Innovation in Financial Services, Ben is responsible for working with Atos’ Financial Services clients in transforming their businesses to become fit to meet the expectations of customers today and tomorrow. This includes changing the way they work and the services they provide to consumers, through the digitization of legacy operations, the introduction of new digital channels and the application of principles such as agile and experimentation. In his free time Ben can be found at his local rugby club, riding his motorcycle, in the gym, teaching his son and daughter to swim or renovating his house. He has two children and an understanding wife.

Articles posted by Ben Murphy

Smart Voice Assistants in Retail Banking. Lessons from deploying a Retail Banking Voice App

In our recent thought leadership paper, Journey 2022, we discuss the questions being raised by consumers and society regarding certain technologies and how these may lead to, what we describe as, Digital Dilemmas. Voice assistants are an example of a key opportunity banks have today to reinvent the customer…