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Head - Agile & DevOps and Mobile Development

Arijit helps organizations build and lead engaged, solid, high-performance Agile development mindset, teams and infrastructure. He guides teams and their leaders in creating effective, humane and responsible work environments so they truly delight their customers and make a positive impact. He brings an “all-round” flavour by working at all organizational levels and coaching people in both technical and leadership behaviours. He has conducted numerous Agile readiness and maturity assessments, trainings, project kick-offs, large-scale deliveries, on-going process coaching, retrospectives and plenty of process fix-ups and tune-ups. Apart from his core capabilities around Agile, he has also been a keen developer in the fields of Java, PHP, C# and is also fascinated by the world of Mobile Application development (and likes playing with Android in particular).

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Articles posted by Arijit Sarbagna

Surviving the world of Internet of Everything (IoE)

It is already out there. The recent Hype Cycle proves it once again, so "yes" – it’s not new. Rather we all know that the internet of things (IoT) or as others put it as Internet of Everything (IoE) - is a well-known, extremely powerful, unstoppable and definitely a world-changing force. Industry leading analysts predict that 25 Billion…