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Andrew has been with Atos since 1998 when he joined KPMG. Trained as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer, prior to Atos, Andrew worked for 15 years at RS components and was responsible for setting up their International Division and their Analytics & Database Marketing team in 1991. Since joining KPMG/Atos, Andrew has focused not on technology, but on driving business benefit from the use of technology. He has developed and led profitable BI, Application Development and Oracle Practices within the UK as well as driving business across the entire Private Sector for the SI Service Line. In 2013 Andrew took on the leadership of the programme to secure investment from Atos & Siemens in Big Data (IDA). Successfully securing a substantial budget, Andrew then became lead for the design and build of the Industrial Data Analytics Framework Architecture and Platform, which was the catalyst for the creation of Atos Codex, the new Atos end to end offer in Analytics and IOT as well as the joint GTM with Siemens around Mindsphere. Andrew has now taken on a further role to develop a team of Global Evangelists that are responsible for helping clients shape their thinking on all aspects of Digital Transformation particularly when it is empowered and enabled by Advanced Analytics.

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