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Business Intelligence Manager and member of the Scientific Community

Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is member of Data Mining International Scientific Committee of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid since 2004, contributor of Cotec Foundation Data Mining Document (for technological innovation) 2005, and, since 2009, member of Atos Scientific Community. She began her professional career in Marketing Research sector, working for companies like A.C. Nielsen, where she was in charge of quality control of Nielsen panels. She joined Atos (then Sema Group) in 1994 were she has carried out several roles in data analysis projects for Atos main clients: Data analysis and data mining consulting projects based in statistical and artificial intelligence techniques (Multivariate Analysis, Cluster k-means, Time series forecasting, simulations, neural networks, association, etc.); Credit Scoring model design for risk evaluation; Data analysis consultancy, modeling, design, development and support (Financial and Marketing Data Warehouses and Data Marts); Business Intelligence tools evaluation, etc.

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