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Chief Technology Officer and member of the Scientific Community

Alex is Chief Technology Officer of Managed Services in Spain and member of the Atos Scientific Community. He has a degree in Theoretical Physics and over 25 years’ experience in IT Infrastructure. He has held technical and management positions in almost all infrastructure areas, from mainframes to Service Desk. From a functional perspective he has work on Operations and Business Development activities, including Portfolio and Technology Management. He is married and has two daughters that share his passion for trekking and basketball, where he has 20 years’ experience as coach.

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Articles posted by Alex Caballero

HPC? Yes, I want my Supercomputer!

Most of us think of Supercomputers only in relation to science or when a big hardware company shows the latest record in performance. We lack the perception of a really important market for nations, society and enterprises, as it really is. There is evidence that High Performance Computing (HPC), as it is known, has strong links not only with the success…