Quantum Business Europe

Atos is Silver sponsor of the 1st edition of Quantum Business Europe virtual event (March 16 & 17).
This event provides a unique platform for IT decision-makers and innovators to explore and discuss insights or showcase the latest innovative projects.

Listen to our experts and ask questions at the end of our recorded sessions:

  • Towards end-to-end quantum-accelerated HPC: programing, compiling and running hybrid algorithms – speaker Philippe Duluc, SVP &CTO, strategy and innovation, Atos Big Data & Security
        • Plenary conference, Tuesday 16 march – broadcast at 11:30am – 11:50am CET

To deliver the promise of quantum computing, it is paramount that academics, technology providers and users work collaboratively. Joining hands with trend-setters, Atos has adopted a hardware-agnostic end-to-end approach in eliminating roadblocks and fostering innovation:

            • Programming: Atos QLM and myQLM (universal free access) are instrumental in paving the way for the emergence of the new programming languages, algorithms, and tools. By democratizing access to quantum programming and simulation, Atos speeds-up the arrival of quantum applications.
            • Compilation: thanks to Atos’ unique expertise in quantum exploitation, benchmarking and patented know-how, early birds can test and run new algorithms, rectify hardware fragility, e.g. noisy and low connectivity, hence further optimize both hardware and software performance.
            • Running hybrid algorithm: capitalizing on the Atos QLM, its HPC expertise and cooperation with leaders as IQM for quantum hardware, Atos enables the first quantum applications to be run on quantum-accelerated HPC as early as 2023.

With the holistic approach, Atos is preparing and accelerating the arrival of quantum era!

    • Quantum Computing for Combinatorial Optimization – speakers: Sabine Kéravel (Atos Quantum computing project leader) & Xavier Geoffret (Atos Quantum Computing pre-sale leader)
          1. Demo session/workshop, Tuesday 16 march – broadcast at 2:30pm – 3:00pm CET
            • Combinatorial optimization problems have a critical impact on all industries: from smart grids management to portfolio optimization or logistics. Most of them are NP-complete and are thus hard to address both accurately and rapidly using classical optimization tools like exact solvers or heuristics. Quantum Computing could bring more efficient resolution methods for these problems.
            • Xavier Geoffret, Quantum Computing pre-sale leader and Sabine Keravel, Quantum product manager will elaborate on how Atos can support organizations in exploring new resolutions path for their optimization use cases using two different approaches: gate-based Quantum Computing and Quantum Annealing.
            • They will provide an overview of a practical optimization workflow relying on the Atos Quantum Learning Machine’s main features: a universal and accessible programming environment, hardware constraint optimizers, advanced noisy and noiseless simulation capabilities.

Write your first quantum circuits with myQLM – speaker: Jean-Christophe Jaskula (Atos Quantum Product Manager)

        • Demo session/workshop, Wednesday 17 march – broadcast at 10:00am – 10:30am CET
            • myQLM is a freeware python package developed by Atos that provides quantum circuit creation and simulation tools to researchers, students, developers, and more generally tech enthusiasts. Anyone can explore the capabilities of quantum computing with myQLM, from experimenting with programming to launching simulations of up to 20 qubits directly on their own computer and even larger by connecting to an Atos QLM.
            • During this session, Jean-Christophe Jaskula will explain where to find myQLM, how to install it and write your first quantum circuits. To go further, online documentation and tutorials will be also presented, as well as community support tools such as opensource contributions and community forums.

Visit our Virtual booth, to discover our solutions & expertise in HPC/ Hybrid Computing and Quantum computing.

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