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Atos, Diamond sponsor, invites you to follow digital sessions from April 12 – 16. This event provides a unique platform for AI innovators, technologists and creatives.

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Advancing Exascale – Faster, Smarter & Greener!

Session ID SS32805 – Live chat Q&A session

Wednesday 14 April Broadcast at 1:00 – 1:40pm CET

Jean-Pierre Panziera

CTO, HPC & Quantum, Atos

Exascale systems are orders of magnitude more powerful than currently deployed HPC systems. The performance increase relies mainly on the use of computing accelerators such as GPUs. These accelerators also enable new AI algorithms used in complex workflows to improve data assimilation, data analysis, or computing itself and optimize the HPC datacenter resources utilization. On the energy consumption side, decarbonization of the Exascale systems is the challenge for the next decade.

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Atos High Performance AI


Session ID SS32969 – On-demand session

Cédric Bourrasset

Atos AI Distinguished Expert, HPC-AI Sales Operations Lead, Atos

Though AI has been widely demystified compared with its debut, its full materialization in real field implementation entails diversified challenges. C. Bourrasset will reveal how Atos pioneer to successfully architect, build and deliver large scale AI Infrastructure based on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD reference design. Through live customer cases and lesson learnt from the field, Cedric will detail Atos added value on top of DGX SuperPOD Solution such as Atos Data Science Platform (CODEX AI SUITE) to leverage SuperPOD performance at scale, predictive maintenance software to enhance system uptime, and will show how to build & deliver a SuperPOD in the middle of the COVID Pandemic.

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Real-Time Video Analytics: Why is Edge computing decisive for Public Transports?

Session ID SS32971 – On-demand session

Gert Prieber

Head of Product, Edge & AI, Atos

Vincent Giraud

AI Product Manager, Atos

Erwin Tielman - Sales & Client Manager Big Data & Edge Computing - Atos | LinkedIn

Erwin Tielman

Client executive, Public Sector, Atos

This session aims to present how the usage of edge computing is imperative to leverage the potential of computer vision for transports and how GPUs are key. Also come to discover how to orchestrate and seamlessly deploy secure end-to-end Vision solutions by using Nvidia Fleet Command Manager. BullSequana Edge server is fully optimized to support Fleet Commands secure one touch deployment and encryption options. We will share best practices in factory pre-load to secure processes, reduce costs & manage edge services.

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AI Industrialization in an R&D lab: challenges, solutions & feedback

Session ID SS32970 – On-demand session

Benoit Pelletier

Head of AI, Distinguished Expert, Member of Atos Scientific Community, Atos

Guillaume Porcher

AI Chief Architect, Senior Expert, Atos

This session aims to share feedback from the ATOS software R&D lab on the requirements for common tools and methods to improve the quality and efficiency of the internal AI developments and more broadly their industrialization. The session will present the different challenges and implemented solutions: – Shared training platform & infrastructure: using Atos Codex AI Suite FastML Engine, NVIDIA GPU cluster and Docker – AI reproducibility & traceability: including internal reproducibility checklist, automated tracking using MLFlow, dataset versioning, automated trainings with Jenkins This session is intended to architects and AI developers.

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12-16 April, 2021,
Virtual event

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