NRF 2019

Join Atos at NRF 2019

With 36,000 guests from 99 countries, NRF 2019 is the world’s leading retail convention and show.

Atos and Worldline will be on-stand together in New York throughout the National Retail Federation event from January 13-15. We are offering you the opportunity to get hands-on with digital transformation.

We have a real emphasis on creating great customer relationships and experience – online and in-store.

There will be a special focus on understanding retail customer behavior, and we will be giving you the chance to get hands-on with our innovative customer journey analytics.

Along with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and seamless payment solutions, we’ll be showing how data-driven practices now become key to winning and delighting customers.

Join us in New York City.  Explore retail without boundaries as we dig deep into new digital realities.

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