Lunch & Learn with Atos:

discover Miro

Miro platform is a fast, free and simple-to-use digital whiteboard built to help teams communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels and time zones – without the constraints of physical location, meeting space, and whiteboard!

Most probably you all have experienced Miro boards in the last year, but you may still wonder what extra value it can bring to our day-to-day communications.

So we invited Atos, our digital partner, to our ‘Lunch & Learn’ session to help us understand Miro better and share tips & tricks on how to use it effectively.

During our engaging session, we will cover:


    • Getting started: where to find/download Miro board, user access, free and paid versions, how to find myself/team on the board.
    • Building the boards: How to set one up, features, templates, mind maps, meetings/sessions you might want to use a MIRO board, benefits to using MIRO.
    • Integration: exporting boards in pdf, copying materials to/from PPT, how to set up a boards that adds value to your day to day operations.
    • Pros and cons: Miro vs MS office online+ any additional questions you want to ask.


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Tatiana Luboshnikova

Marketing Manager for Energy & Utilities, Northern Europe at Atos