IBC 2018

At IBC, we’ll be examining ways in which analytics and artificial intelligence are already shaping the future for forward-thinking media companies.

Bringing together innovation and value creation, we strive to be the trusted partner that drives digital transformation in Media. Following on from the most digital Olympics ever, we will share our experience as Worldwide IT Partner at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics where, for the first time, all media services were delivered exclusively via the cloud.

As an active member of the IABM, AIMS and AMWA industry associations, we will also share our experience and vision for the transformation of the Broadcast industrytowards IP/IT andcloud.

Clearly, the evolution of our renowned Broadcast Network Control System to enable supervision and control of hybrid SDI/IP Broadcast ecosystems is a key step forward in orchestrating the technology transition to IP/IT.

When we ask, ‘What happens next?’, there is no better place to start than by examining our new Atos MEDIA PAPER

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