Mobile World Congress 2018

Every public and private sector organization is more connected now than it has ever been. The same is true for individuals.

With that connectivity comes convergence. Once-isolated processes become enmeshed. Customer engagement; product and service development; peer-to-peer influence; financial planning and compliance – everything converges.

And it’s at this conjunction of connectivity and convergence that forward-thinking companies concentrate their creativity: this is where the value lies.

As business technologists with an unswerving focus on digital transformation, we’re ready to help you maximize that creativity:

  • Presenting a new digital workplace, designed to boost CSP productivity and customer response – with a special focus on customer intelligence through omni-channel CRM.
  • Delivering the benefits of maximum virtualization as we integrate business and network operations with our Digital BSS and NFV propositions.
  • Emphasizing real-time analytics – essential for every data-driven CSP – with our business-accelerating Atos Codex for Telcos.
  • Get hands on with an extended portfolio of payment and security services, leaning how to monetize new products while minimizing business and reputational risk.
  • Introducing new friends too, including recently acquired Convergence Creators, specialists in cyber-security and digital transformation.

Discover more at MWC 2018. Let’s get connected, converged and creative.

Visit us in Barcelona – booth #2F60 & booth 5G71

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