Atos Legal Department – Ideation Sprints. Transform Legal Experience by Design

Transform Legal Experience
Making Legal a strong business enabler through design-driven innovation and by putting human at the heart of the strategy.

How to stay customer-focused and innovative in a tech-centric environment like Atos and how to promote a culture of simplicity, efficiency and creativity in your legal department ? AtosLegal, Compliance & Contract Management department is looking for creative and innovative responses to deliver its expertise through a new platform and by redesigning its contracting policy.

The Challenge Innovation

‘Disruptive innovation’ and legal function are not often associated. We want to change that! How? By bringing a service design approach to Atos Legal department. For the first time, a legal department has decided to extend the scope of possibilities so that association of ideas becomes a generator of innovation through human-centered design.

The Approach Design

Design-driven innovation is about framing the problem or opportunity from multiple users’ points of view to deliver desirable and effective solutions. This involves an anthropological view through collaboration, creativity, shared expertise and perspectives.

The Process Solution

After having observed and made design research, with the support of anthropologists, ethnologists, sociologists and data scientists, our designers will identify opportunities for change and propose solutions to transform legal experience.

Ideation Sprints

October 4th 2018
How can we simplify and digitalize the ways legal services are procured and
consumed within Atos to improve legal experience of our stakeholders?

October 5th 2018
How to redesign our key contracting principles (Atos contractual policy) to
make them more intelligible for Atos’ employees, customers and partners ?

Date and location

Paris, 4th – 5th October, 2018

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