AI & Automation – Science fiction or business fact?

There’s no doubt that AI and RPA will reshape our economy, with jobs changing and new ones emerging. Both technologies are firmly out of the laboratory and onto the shop floor, in the back office and on the frontline. In every sector, it’s time to think practically about how best to harness the power of AI and RPA.

In our work with clients, we’ve moved past the early wins of automating relatively simple tasks. We blend RPA, AI and analytics with our experience of how organisations and human beings work. We call this intelligent automation and it is already delivering major benefits.

Of course, deploying the right algorithms and data-sets is key to delivering sustainable outcomes. But just as essential, is expertise in designing and managing the change to lean processes and re-skilling staff for the digital age.

We are hosting a breakfast briefing to discuss the latest trends in AI and RPA and what they mean for you. With inspirational keynote speakers and industry experts, the session will include:

  • How AI, RPA and data analytics are relevant to all our surroundings, with real use cases
  • Possibilities and actions to drive your business in the workplace of the future
  • The next step on your journey to becoming more data-driven
  • Learning from key speakers and experts within Atos and the industry

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, don’t miss out on this opportunity to take stock and learn what’s new, with a chance to hear from peers and ask our experts questions.

I hope you can join us for what will be a lively, informative and inspiring morning.

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