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We Transform Digital Now

We are in the middle of the digitalization era – where agile businesses and new technology-driven environments are already causing deep transformations. An era where the focus on delivering the best in Customer and Employee Experience is crucial for competing within our industry. An era of  required wise balance – could do vs. should do, security vs. privacy,  ethical AI.

Our clients are expecting us to assist them in successfully driving their businesses in a world of unprecedented opportunities. It is our job to help them transform their organizations while at the same time to protect their data and promote a culture of digital responsibility.

In this context, we have strengthened our Group Digital Transformation program – bringing it forward and aligning it to Atos’ Advance 2021 program. We have defined four tracks that define the holistic transformation we are driving:

● We Live Digital – Where we will dedicate our efforts in transforming our own “digital experience” through apps, process digitalization and actions to consolidate a data-driven organization.
● We Learn Digital – Focusing on the digital mindset, skills and events needed to give ourselves the tools and mechanisms to successfully onboard the digital era.
● We Tell Digital – Concentrating on elevating our brand by showcasing to our clients our transformation and making our partners aware of the new opportunities that this entails.
● We Inspire Digital – Building the path to the future, looking beyond the horizon and setting the vision and positioning of the Digital Transformation .

We are confident that, to drive this transformation to success, we also need to create a strong support network that enables it at the core of our organization: by supporting our other internal programs (We Are Atos, RACE, …), by encouraging employees and leaders to participate, by including partners and clients in ideation sessions and collaborations, and by opening dialogues with analysts.

`Now is your opportunity to join our Digital Transformation Community! We are happy to give you the opportunity to contribute, and hopefully get your help to enhance Atos digital leadership!´

Philippe Mareine, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer

Refreshed Digital Transformation Program

As the aim of the Digital Transformation Program is to support our organization transformation to be more adaptable to the continuous fast pace environment, the program itself is requiring to be pivoted in order to readapt into new 3-year plan in order to Live, Learn, Tell and Inspire Digital.Revamping some areas like culture change to learn and adapt to new ways of working, while we keep delivering the user experience and process digitalization effort, making sure that we focus on showcasing to customers our experience and enhancing Atos thought leadership and visibility.

Mobile Digital Workplace

Mobile version of the employee portal integrated with other mobile features-accessible anywhere and anytime… Our own application marketplace, internally launched in November 2018

Global Blockchain AI Hackathon

Atos was challenged to develop a solution for next generation digital ID and finished 2nd during the World’s biggest hackathon on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Guillaume von der Weid

What does Digital Transformation mean to you?
It means 3 things on 3 different levels.
First, my personal experience as an individual. This transformation is about not only a new mean but a new dimension of human life….

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