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Sustainability Hackathon with Red Hat Building Sustainable future on Red Hat Open-Shift and Atos AMOS platform







Shortlisted propositions

After the 2-week hackathon window we had over 100 submissions to evaluate and shortlist for the final pitching round where teams had to pitch their solution on a joint conference call with Red Hat and Atos senior executives.

Each participating team had 5-minutes to pitch their concept, explain what problem their solution solves, how and demonstrate a working prototype. The pitch was followed by 5-minute Q&A slot where jury could follow up with questions with participants from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai working remotely and with co-located hacker-labs  and mentors in order to make a real impact.

TOP 3 winning teams


Team members:

Kaustubh Mehta - Hacker
Apoorva Asthana - Hacker
Riya Maliakel - Hacker
Mansi Hundlani - Hipster


To provide the municipalities in India with live information on traffic density in metropolitan areas to assist with smooth traffic management planning

Team #1


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Spicy Chili Soup EcoBots

Team members:

Chandravadhana Kumaran - Hustler
Nagarjuna Mukkamala- Hacker
Nishanth Inumpudi - Hipster
Dilip Ramanan - Hacker
Rohan KaranTarai – Hipster


To provide a way to municipalities in India to get notified of the waste containers (bins) getting filled up ensuring a timely cleaning and a salubrious environment.

Team #2


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Red Hat Olympians

Team members:

Rajen Boora - Hustler
Pramodh Garnepudi - Hustler
Chaitanya Chappa - Hacker
Baskar Hemchandran - Hacker
Ranjeet Singh Yadav - Hacker
Parthiban Kumar – Hipster


To provide the Metropolitan community in India with live information on their water usage level.

Team #3

Red Hat Olympians

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Our experts

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Head of Center of Excellence, Cloud and B&PS

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Hackathons lead

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