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Enabling a leading retailer with optimized and future-proofed IT

Industry: Retail
Region: Switzerland

As one of Switzerland’s best-known and most established brands, this grocery retailer was facing new competitive pressures in a rapidly changing retail market.

Today’s retail customers have more choice than ever before – and leading retailers must adapt to keep pace. With changing customer expectations and competition over national borders, our customer wanted to significantly reduce IT costs while ensuring its IT function was fit for the future.

The challenge

IT plays a crucial role in our customer’s business, with data and digital technologies at stores and in the back office helping to drive customer engagement and loyalty while achieving lean operations.

Recognizing the need for more agility and flexibility, together with the challenge to innovate and reduce time-to-market, grocery retailer wanted a strategic partner to guide them on the journey to digital. The first step was to outsource and modernize their Datacenter Platform services, including storage, compute, database and SAP Basis. The challenge for grocery retailer Group IT was to transform into a service orchestrator for business customers across the group using SIAM principles to source from multiple providers.

The company chose Atos based on Atos’ global footprint, leadership in digital transformation and the close cultural fit between the two organizations.

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The solution

Working in partnership, our customer´s Group IT and Atos designed and delivered robust, transparent, simplified services and interfaces as an essential step in their digital transformation.

  • Maintaining a strong adherence to ITIL standard processes and tooling, Atos rapidly injected skills and capabilities where needed.
  • Atos’ specially trained core team spent time onsite in Zurich and implemented robust knowledge management to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Operations were provided with zero disruption and within three months, trust had been established with new colleagues.
  • Close collaboration, expert change management and a flexible approach were key success factors.

Now, our client´s Group IT works closely with Atos’ team and other partner organizations to meet the current and future needs of business customers across their Group.

Business benefit

Grocery retailer´s Datacenter Platform IT service is optimized and future-proofed for the fast-changing highly competitive retail market.

Atos ensured full delivery of the benefits set out in the business case:

  • Highly standardized delivery processes and tools provide our customer with transparent service levels.
  • New technologies and solutions accelerate implementation cycles, minimize risk and optimize cost-efficiencies. Today Atos is managing a complex environment with over 3,000 servers and more than 350 SAP instances.
  • Today grocery retailer has direct access to a world-class partner ecosystem, including Atos’ strategic partnerships with global players such as Google, Microsoft, ServiceNow and Dell EMC, to introduce market-leading solutions.

Our customer is well positioned for ongoing digital transformation, including its move to the cloud, and it can benefit from further capabilities and cost reductions.

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