Centrient Pharmaceuticals

Strategic partnerhip to achieve global excellence

Industry: Chemicals
Region: Global
HQ: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Company size: 21,054 employees

“Atos is more than just another IT vendor…Leveraging all the benefits of orchestrated public and private cloud for our SAP landscape, we have flexibility and scalability without the need to manage security and daily operations by ourselves. We have a state-of-the-art network with no outages and truly optimized ICT costs.”

Robert Jan van der Horst
Chief Information Officer, Centrient Pharmaceuticals

Working at the forefront of the fight against antimicrobial resistance, Centrient Pharmaceuticals operates to the highest standards of sustainability, reliability and quality.


At the same time, the company faces intense competitive challenges and complex regulatory requirements.

To achieve its ambitions, Centrient Pharmaceuticals asked Atos to completely restructure its global IT and deliver an optimized model that enables maximum agility and efficiency while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Now, Centrient Pharmaceuticals has truly world-class unified IT, with a standardized SAP environment on Azure Cloud and modernized application landscape. This has delivered improvements in business performance, reporting and user satisfaction, all while reducing costs.

The challenge


As well as complying with new serialization legislation (for full tracking of prescription drugs along the supply chain), as a global company, Centrient Pharmaceuticals must optimize efficiency of systems and processes while maintaining agility. As its strategic technology partner, Atos’ challenge was to:

  • Design and implement one robust global model
  • Extend SAP as an enterprise-wide standard, integrating all core business processes
  • Create an application landscape with global digital workplace tools.
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The solution


Leveraging Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud for SAP, Atos defined a more flexible and less complex SAP environment, including:

  • An end-to-end single global IT infrastructure
  • Improved and integrated core business processes
  • Consistent global support for excellence and efficiency
  • Strong, simple IT governance, combining global consistency with local responsiveness.

To support collaboration and ensure security, Atos also implemented:

  • A hybrid cloud-based Atos Adaptive Workplace (Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365)
  • Enterprise-wide security and data management.

Business benefit


  • Centrient Pharmaceuticals has a flexible and scaleable digital core
  • The SAP solution adheres to safety and compliance requirements throughout the product lifecycle
  • Business processes are standardised and harmonized for enhanced efficiency and reporting across the SAP landscape
  • The company has a state-of-the-art network, with no outages
  • IT costs are truly optimized, significantly reducing the company’s total cost of operating
  • Colleagues worldwide communicate and collaborate easily and quickly
  • End user satisfaction has increased.

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