Proactive application management for BP

Industry: Oil and Gas
Region: International
Headquarters: London
Company size: 74,500 employees

“Personal relationships are the foundation of trust between BP and Atos” says Ralf Funder, “and we spent time in India getting to know the team. We were deeply impressed with their quality and dedication”

Ralf Funder
Director of Application Management, Germany

In every aspect of its operations, BP seeks to define and adopt repeatable best practice


This is true for all aspects of IT where commitment to best practice makes an essential contribution to consistency, cost-efficiency, and most importantly, to minimized risk.

The pursuit of replicable best practice does not, however, mean the imposition of rigidly centralized models of operation. As one of the most immediately recognized global brands, BP understands the importance of being able to identify and benefit from local expertise.

Over the last eight years, the advances made in application management by the BP team in Germany have become an object lesson in this highly specialized area of IT service and support. The business applications used to support every aspect of company operations must perform to agreed standards without interruption.

The significant advances in application management practice for BP in Germany did not happen in a vacuum. As is so often the case, important business and organizational change became the trigger for similarly significant change in IT management. Chosen as the sole application management service provider, Atos developed the models and processes needed to become BP Germany’s trusted silent partner.

The challenge


  • BP acquired leading German fuel brand Aral. This acquisition made BP the top fuel retailer in Germany.
  • Opportunity to increase IT management practices.
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The solution


  • Atos took responsibility for 60 application clusters for BP which in turn comprised around 200 individual applications.
  • Applications are grouped broadly as either SAP or non-SAP, allowing Atos to scale up resource as required.

Business benefit


  • Atos has worked proactively with BP in Germany to improve the quality, responsiveness and cost of service.
  • The application management services defined for Germany are now being used for BP service station management in South Africa.

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