Leveraging business models in a converging environment

Take your proven business model to the next level – for example, with mobile operations applications that allow you to integrate WiFi into existing LTE networks. Combined with access (AAA) and policy control solutions like policy and charging rules function (PCRF), you easily differentiate on user and usage levels to create new products and bring them to market generating revenue right away. For fixed line network operators, Managed Services act as digital transformation enabler by applying deep cross-industry know-how to reduce operational complexity, leverage synergies and improve cost and resource efficiency.

Policy and Access Control


Make the most of your network resources

Today, mobile network operators are rapidly evolving their core networks towards an all-IP infrastructure for both voice and data services. In addition, all internal and external communications between 3GPP elements will soon be based on IPv6. But also devices evolve and they require new architectures.

This market is often hard to predict, and some vendors’ decisions significantly impact operators’ evolutionary progress and speed. Just imagine device manufacturers adding VoLTE capability to the next version of their popular product, the push to provide SIP functions and the corresponding PCRF interfaces could pose a real challenge.

These exciting new developments influence the control plane, requiring authentication and policy control elements that are reliable and robust, as well as flexible and lean.

Data management in the cloud


Always connected, always online, always available

Because the Internet is part of our daily life and mobile Internet devices are used more widely than ever, operators are facing a new challenge: Data sessions must remain active. Video streaming and audio/video calls via data connection at high quality are basic expectations of all users – and operators need to ensure this service continuity.

The goal is to provide 100 percent availability, but how can operators achieve this? HW and SW failures are inevitable. Regular, static backups might help in restoring the network elements but cannot ensure session continuity. Legacy systems with a stateful front-end concept based on bare metal solutions can’t keep up with current expectations.

The cloud challenges the telco world to upgrade its architecture – into a lean, stateless solution with the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments.

Atos HSS (Home Subscriber Server)

is a lightweight stateless frontend solution that supports both EPC and IMS systems and complies with the relevant 3GPP standards. The HSS-FE uses Standard Common Repository as backend for subscriber and session data. It supports subscriber data for 4G (LTE), IMS, SMS, 2G/3G, Wi-Fi and other non-3GPP and IoT use cases. Additionally, it also provides support for non-subscriber related data including definitions of APN configurations, QoS profiles for default bearers, Application Servers and authorizations.

Telco Services


Extended utilization of CSPs’ operational infrastructures

With our comprehensive Telco Services, multi-vendor expertise and long-standing experience in the telecommunication business, we are your perfect partner for managing and transforming your network.

To make sure that your network operates reliably and meets the highest service quality we provide a variety of effective solutions for network optimization, maintenance, integration, transformation and migration. Our experienced and certified experts guarantee top-class consulting for your daily business.

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