Connected tires

Rolling with a profitable new business model

At a glance

A leading tire manufacturer is building customer loyalty and new revenue from a connected fleet of truck tires that reduces fuel costs for its customers.


  • Increased aftermarket business by 10%-15%
  • Improved fleet uptime by 5%
  • 10% savings in fuel costs

Not exactly reinventing the wheel

The logistics and tire business is highly competitive, with marginal chances for players to differentiate their products. A leading tire manufacturer’s goal was to reinvent its business model to offer new value-added services to remain profitable compared to its competitors.

To sustain sales, the tire company envisioned an innovative real-time logistics solution that would set it apart from the competition and improve the customer experience.

Tires as a service

Atos helped the manufacturer implement a connected tire solution that would transform the company from a manufacturer into a tires-as-a-service provider selling mileage instead of tires.

By embedding IoT sensors into truck tires, the solution constantly relays mileage and tire-health data to drivers.

Atos also implemented a secure digital platform providing fleet clients with visualization and analysis of tire-health data — providing actionable information for real-time monitoring and just-in-time changes for each of these specific tires on the road.

Where the rubber meets the IoT

The connected tire solution is now available to the tire company in 30 countries. The solution developed by Atos has helped the company boost its aftermarket business by 10% to 15% through increased customer loyalty.

Insights derived from tire-sensor data enable the development and manufacture of better, longer lasting tires.

What’s more, the tire company’s fleet customers are getting 5% more fleet uptime and saving 10% in fuel costs.

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