Multi-Agency Incident Transfer (MAIT)

UK Emergency Services

Industry: Homeland Security
Country: UK

“Being first for something is always good, but this is a positive and collaborative contribution to support and improve the emergency services response capability to multi-agency incidents. Our aim is to promote the take up across those emergency services and ensure a common UK solution to benefit all communities”

Gordon Ellen, Client Executive Partner, Atos

The challenge

To date UK emergency services share/transfer emergency incidents via telephone or email. This is time consuming and causes delays in the appropriate level of response to incidents. Atos has been working closely with the Welsh Government, the Home Office, the British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (BAPCO) and individual emergency services to develop an instant messaging system to allow all agencies to share major incident details and eliminate human error and delay.

The solution

MAIT provides each emergency service with a robust, virtually instantaneous, secure inter-agency messaging solution, that will optimize resource deployment time by more than 3 minutes per emergency and reduces risk of errors and delays between agency interfaces, thus enabling frontline staff to focus on the task at hand, saving time, cost and lives.

MAIT is a critical component of the UK’s emergency ICT infrastructure.

Business benefit

Over the weekend of 23rd – 25th April the MAIT service maintained 100% availability and exchanged 3k incidents across four agencies, saving around 200 hours of professional Control Room staff time spent on the phone.

In addition, it is calculated to reduce emergency response times on major multi-agency required incidents – by 3 minutes. This will immediately save lives and protect the most vulnerable.

  • High security – cross-border communication – fast and reliable
  • Optimization of resource deployment
  • Intelligent networking for extensive data exchange
  • Ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time

Our experts

Gordon Ellen

PS&D UK&I Defence,
Homeland Sec & Space, Client Executive

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Tim Warren

PS&D NE Consulting,
Project Manager

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