Deployed Circuit with OpenScape Cloud telephony for the entire company

Industry: Software
Region: Bavaria
HQ: Munich, Germany
Company size: 53 employees

“The option to work from home for younger employees is expected. In recent years, this has developed from being an exception to becoming a key factor when choosing an employer. And we want to support this with a sophisticated collaboration solution.”

Catharina van Delden,
CEO, innosabi

innosabi needs a communications system that is as agile, open, and collaborative as they are. Circuit with OpenScape Cloud telephony is the perfect solution to success


innosabi delivers software that enables agile innovation and support its global customers’ digitalization strategies. But innosabi is not just a technology provider; part of what makes innosabi unique is the company’s mission to act as pioneers and thought leaders by living and practicing the principles they endorse – to make innovation and development processes digital, agile, open, and collaborative. To achieve that, innosabi needs a communications system that is as agile, open, and collaborative as they are.

The challenge


  • To improve communication and collaboration between employees and customers.
  • To support innosabi’s mission to drive digital transformation of its global customers, including Allianz, Daimler, Bayer, Postbank, Siemens, etc.
  • Enable flexible working to attract and retain top talent.
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The solution


  • 53 Circuit seats with OpenScape Cloud telephony for the entire company.
  • Integration of cloud-based telephone system with Circuit via Advanced Telephony Connector (ATC) and replacement of previous solution with SIP trunk and open-source-based telephone system on-site and operated in-house.
  • Two Circuit Meeting Rooms (CMR) for room-based collaboration with video.

Business benefit


  • Circuit streamlines all communication channels and content into one platform, preventing information and content silos and making collaboration more efficient.
  • Employees can take advantage of flexible working while still staying productive, thanks to the cloud platform and strong mobile capabilities.
  • Integration of business processes due to Circuit’s open platform architecture.

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