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A multinational broker and risk advisor inherited outdated and incompatible technologies through mergers and acquisitions.


Then it centralized all the disparate systems onto a modern IT infrastructure. The automation-driven consolidation and follow-on infrastructure management services (IMS) have improved speed and performance — saving more than $22 million in the first year.

The challenge


Fast-forward to one such merger of equals in 2016 that blended two large, established firms with complementary portfolios of business into one company with a formidable advantage. From the beginning, the new broker had a strong foothold in risk management and insurance broking, as well as an established customer base.

Unfortunately, the merger also came with several large legacy systems, a host of vendors and processes, and a hodgepodge of technologies and tools. The added complexity was a drag on time-to-market and threatened to drive up operating costs.

Management recognized three distinct changes that were necessary to maximize the value of the merger and ensure long-term business sustainability:

  • Integrate the accumulated technology assets.
  • Standardize infrastructure tools and processes across the enterprise.
  • Shrink the vendor landscape.
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The solution


The project began with a detailed assessment of the post-merger IT infrastructure and processes, which included:

  • 10 data centers
  • 20,000 servers
  • 8,000 network devices
  • Multiple enterprise platforms like Microsoft SCOM, SCCM and Exchange
  • 2 older ServiceNow instances managing IT service desk operations.

The next step was to eliminate redundancy and carefully consolidate the data centers, reducing the number from 10 to 6. Then, a new ITIL-based ServiceNow instance was implemented before the old service-desk systems were retired.

Business benefit


The project automated more than 130 processes, improving operational efficiency and increasing average monthly transaction volume by more than 11,000. And the cost-effective global delivery model has saved more than $22 million in annual costs.

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