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General Council of the Judiciary

General Council of the Judiciary worked with Atos to provide citizens, mass media and other administrations with the information they need based on a Statistical Information.

These statistics mean a fundamental tool for an accurate analysis of the workload of the courts and judges, the identification of needs and the creation of new judicial bodies. Atos develops and operates a completely web-based and Business Intelligence system for this purpose.

The challenge

The Statistical Information System is the tool through data is captured, recorded and exploited after the quarterly recordings made by all judiciary bodies in Spain.

These statistics mean a basic tool for an accurate analysis of courts workloads, identifying needs and new judiciary bodies creation.

The solution

The Atos’ solution in CGPJ is a complete Web–based system which allows CGPJ personnel to carry out the following work:

  • Requesting data from all Spain courts about judicial matters. Debug data from common errors, follow the status of completion of the requested information.
  • Provide real-time tools which allow to obtain statistical data from the database.
  • Provide data aggregation tools that allows to obtain aggregate information about judicial matters, classified by territory, tie of court, etc.
  • Provide a Business Intelligence tool that allows to make analysis about all these judicial matters data.

Business benefit

An important objective of the CGPJ is to provide information about the following matters to the citizens, the mass media and to other administrations:

  • Performance of the courts
  • Performance of the judges
  • Number of judicial matter input, resolution and pending by types of courts and types of matters
  • Workload of courts by type of court, territory, etc.

To achieve this objective, the CGPJ has improved during last year’s its IT systems to allow a faster, safer and high quality recollection of this data and a wider distribution and real-time access to the most complete information.

This objective results in the improvement of the prestige of the CGPJ among citizens and in the improvement of trust in justice in the society.

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