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We want our employees to become part of our Digital community. We want them to deliver innovation to our clients. We want them breakthrough the normal to be the best at what they do.

We are looking to the future of not just Atos, but the future of emerging global talent. We want to engage with students from different backgrounds, geographies and cultures, offering development opportunities to progress and shape the careers of the leaders of tomorrow.

Atos creates valued partnerships with Schools and Universities globally. We want to become an employer of choice amongst students, and for students to know what we but, more importantly, what we can offer offer them.

Our program is focused on engaging and developing talent who are at the beginning of their career journey, whether it be through apprenticeships, internships or graduate opportunities. In 2015 we hired over 3000 intern and apprentices globally with positive outputs for both the students and our business – we value the commitment and passion that this community brings to Atos and we are doing the same in 2016.

Our programs engage with students at the earlies part of their careers, to offer them the opportunity to further their understanding of Atos, develop business acumen, and help prepare them for their entry into the working world.

Whatever your entry level into Atos, from day one you will be given responsibilities that will challenge and reward you, giving you the opportunity to build on your life and learning experiences. This will become the foundation of your career and the start of your career journey within Atos.

The Student Journey

We want our employees to become part of our Business Technologist community. We want them to deliver innovation to our clients. We want them to become the best at what they do.


Becoming an Atos Graduate


Having a passion for the latest digital technology or business methodologies will be what interests you.

We look for talent who are always wanting to challenge the norm and be at the front when looking to drive change. If you have the drive and passion to want to have a breakthrough moment, then please have a look at our many global opportunities.


Joining our Internship Program


Whether it is for a 3, 6 or 12-month placement …

… we will offer you on-the-job training and support, giving you guidance and direction in helping to shape your career and who you are as an individual. Our internships can be either locally within your country, or for those that have the language skills and aptitude, be an international placement at one of our key Atos sites across the world.


Becoming an Apprentice


Our Apprentice Schemes provides you the opportunity to immerse yourself in real-world projects.

Atos’ strategy is to focus on new talents in the early stages of their working life, implementing skills development programs and career pathways among its various business and market sectors and across countries worldwide. The wide array of career paths from technical to management also helps to encourage development both vertically and horizontally across the entire Atos community.


IT Challenge 2017


Atos has launched its IT Challenge edition 2017 – the 1st international student technology competition now in its sixth year.

Student worldwide will work on this year’s theme – Blockchains – and develop the best technology to show how the principle of secure, public ledgers can be used to disrupt conventional business models.