Graduate Discovery Journey

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In Atos, we hire highly talented graduates and digital experts and grow them into end-to-end business professionals by providing practical, versatile business experience. With the Graduate Discovery Journey, we are offering graduates an accelerated career growth potential in our organisation.

Who is it for?

The Graduate Discovery Journey is a premier work experience designed for recent graduates and offering them a great journey and incredible  opportunities in Atos. If you are a graduate of one of the universities we partner with, and looking for your first full-time job opportunity, this program may be perfect for you!

How does it work?

The Graduate Discovery Journey is a 3-year rotational program, consisting of 2 x 18-months entry level positions with the opportunity to work in 2 different Divisions of our organisation.

The discovery will be done in 2 dimensions:

1- On the job learning about end to end business

2- Professional growth through mentoring and first-class training both online and face to face with the opportunity of studying in our Atos University in India.

The participants will be assigned mentors who will guide them through their Career Journey and help them with their daily huddles and challenges.

Those participants who show highest performance, who demonstrate Atos’ values and who have successfully delivered on their objectives may be given the opportunity for expatriation to any of the 72 Atos locations worldwide during the 2nd phase.

Are you interested in having a once in a lifetime experience?

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Participants demonstrating exemplary professional and personal aptitude will be able to have a once in a lifetime experience that only Atos can offer – the opportunity to work in the next Olympic Games!

How to apply

The Career Journey is currently offered in the geographies: Asia and Pacific, Benelux and The Nordics, Central Eastern Europe, Iberia, France, Germany, UK & Ireland, Middle East and Africa, North America – in the locations Atos operates in. First, make sure that you checked our university partner list. You can apply throughout the year by simply clicking the ‘apply’ button and following the link which will take you to a generic job opening. Once you complete the form, our career advisors will be matching your profile to relevant open positions in those countries you are interested in and contact you. Successful candidates will be invited for a face-to-face or a video interview. Please note that we do not accept applications over social media or by email.

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