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Kees Koenen

Architect within Atos Consulting and a member of the Juniors Group.

Adolfo Alonso Camarena

Financial Office of ARI in Atos Spain.

Anne - Catherine Unger

Global Program Manager for Wellbeing@work and the Program Manager Officer for the Zero email™ program.

Murli Menon

Chief Security Officer and Head of Sustainability and CSR for IMEA region.



Atos has the ability to deliver value to clients. This ability is based on the individual and collective skills of our people. Every day, our employees are faced with complex and changing demands across a wide range of technologies. It is therefore a top priority for Atos to ensure that all our people have the right blend of skills and experience. We have created an environment in which learning and personal development is both facilitated and encouraged.

The value of learning from others – Kees Koenen

I believe that learning is all about enabling yourself to chase the goals you, yourself believe in. Atos, as a company, shows to understand the importance of the work/life balance for employees. We have created both the tools and environment in which effective learning can take place, 1425912296097tailored to suit every individual. In particular, the company now offers both “hard, technical” courses and “soft-skill” training, both of which are very relevant in our day-to-day business.
There are numerous e-learning tools of value to every type of employee, as well as resources such as Skillport and, within BTN, Competence Lines which allow for continuous improvement and learning from each other. I’m a big fan of the community aspect which gives you the opportunity to look beyond the borders of your own profession or area. By looking beyond the boundaries of your comfort-zone, you stretch that zone and improve your skills. It also helps to broaden your frame of reference and enables you to better understand and value the opinion of others. Because now, you know more about how these opinions have been formed.
In 2013, I was selected to be a member of the Juniors Group, a self-organized international network of 45 creative and motivated colleagues working as an international and cross-functional team within Atos. The group combines personal development, training and networking with real project work and exposure to a multi-cultural working environment. A great way to explore Atos, build network, team-up and deliver results!
All these aspects of learning show the way in which Atos values me, supporting me both in the office and at home. Smart tools improve my working life and make the atmosphere more open and interesting.
I believe that in the rather ‘organic world’ of my own career, I am in good hands at Atos. Through the tools and processes in place today, everyone is being encouraged to learn and develop in a way that positively broadens horizons. This, directly and indirectly, adds more value ourselves and our customers.

My Personal Recipe for Success – Kees Koenen

I always feel that the best way to have success is to really ‘breathe the brand!’ I like to fully utilize social media and I use all the channels available to push Atos and its activities. It’s a great way to give my peers the opportunity to get to know Atos and to engage with them in all sorts of exciting areas.
Outside of work, I like to make sure that what I’m doing is productive and effective. I happily go that extra mile for something I truly care for and believe in. At the end of the day, I like to ask myself ‘What have I done today, to make me feel proud?’
Finally, I spend at least one hour per week riding a horse. I find it gives me lots of energy and I am constantly learning new things in a completely different environment which keeps me alert and receptive to new ideas. Also, a horse is the perfect ‘litmus-test’ for your own sense of Zen.
Kees Koenen is an Architect within Atos Consulting and a member of the Juniors Group. Find his profile on nl.linkedin.com/in/kkoenen



Atos both supports and encourages the sharing of knowledge and working in a diverse, multicultural environment. The company also continuously looks for ways to facilitate and benefit from working in such a global and diverse business environment.

The ability to share across borders is a very precious asset – Anne-Catherine Unger

I joined Atos about three years ago and this was my first job in a truly international environment. I became part of the Zero emailTM program two years ago, shifting from a traditional working environment to finding improved ways of leading and collaborating in the company, while also making it easier to connect with each other globally.1425915826225
I believe that this ability to share and collaborate so closely and effectively is really precious for the growth and success of Atos in so many ways. It facilitates the sharing of knowledge and makes working in a multicultural and diverse environment easier by encouraging and inspiring people to be much more open to each other, leading to mutual enrichment.
In a community, it is easier for a manager to, not just monitor progress, but also to encourage, inspire and coach. It is also easier to share with peers and colleagues and to make a contribution, and importantly, to feel that the contribution is both recognized and valued. All these aspects lead to better team spirit and team success.
Finally, I think that the business world is moving from looking to help people to achieve a work/life balance, towards more work/life integration. The borders between work and private are being increasingly eroded and technology is constantly finding new ways to facilitate this. I like the way that Atos is taking the lead in encouraging this in a good way and supporting managers in helping people to successfully be able to integrate their business and private lives.

My Personal Recipe for Success – Anne-Catherine Unger

Living in France, I have a great love of good food and good coffee! Good food is one of life’s real pleasures and something that is best shared and enjoyed with teams, friends and family. But even sharing news and ideas over a cup of coffee at work is a wonderful way to connect with others and share ideas and experiences.
My tip for success at work is to take proper care of your team and to always respect, trust, listen and participate in the development of your team members. If you trust your team, you will give them confidence and in return they will reward you with respect and the team spirit required for collective success!
Finally, I get a lot of energy and positivity from my 3 kids who give me the enthusiasm and encouragement to also do the best for my team and the company!
Anne-Catherine Unger is the Global Head of Wellbeing@work program.



Atos encourages a focus on appreciating the support from colleagues and managers, and taking time to thank them properly through various initiative such as the Accolade program. Together, these aim to ensure a motivated team and to help in both retaining and attracting talent.

It is an honor to be recognized in this way – Adolfo Alonso Camarena

In 2013, I was nominated by the Head of ARI (Atos research and Innovation) and my colleagues for a Gold Accolade award which was presented in September 2013 by the CEO of Atos Spain. I was told that the award was not just for the work I had done in charge of the financial aspects of hundreds of projects that we did with the European Community over a period of 8 years, but was also for the positive effect I had on all the people who worked with me.1426583500307
It was a great honor to be publically thanked like this by both my managers and colleagues. I work with around 150 people spread across several offices and in other countries. To me, it is very important to get people in different locations working together effectively and so I always try to create a warm and friendly atmosphere to work in. As a result, people trust me and see me as a sort of central point for all the activities.
Thanking people, and it can be as simple as just saying ‘thank you’, is really important. It only takes a moment to do, but the effect it can have is great as it demonstrates that you both understand and appreciate the actions and effort of others. To me, it is great that this is being encouraged through the Wellbeing@work initiative.

My Personal Recipe for Success – Adolfo Alonso Camarena

To me it’s simply a good night’s sleep! I always want to be able to give 100% at work and so I try and be properly rested so that I can be active and fully alert when I need to work and concentrate.
I don’t really have any special treats that I enjoy at work but my best advice would be to be patient and work hard. In my experience, if you work hard and always try to be a good partner to work with, you will then enjoy the fruits of your labors.
Adolfo Alonso Camarena works in the Financial Office of ARI in Atos Spain.



We all enjoy celebrating our successes and achievements, as well as supporting good causes. Within Atos, celebrating with each other helps to demonstrate and reinforce the values of Wellbeing@work which promotes and rewards the work and experiences of all our employees.

Everyone enjoys a good celebration – Murli Menon

I have long been interested in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and have been involved with it in a more formal way in Atos India since 2009. The IT business may not be a major contributor to environmental issues, but nevertheless, I am always looking for ways to compensate for its effects and to give something back to the local environment.

In 2013, I was delighted to be able to join an event in Mumbai where a team from the Atos Social Committee planted around 25 saplings to bring some greenery to our local park, even if it was on a small way. The event was enjoyed by many employees who had volunteered and local people as it was important to show that we both understood the balance required in supporting people and the planet while still earning revenue.

Being involved in these sorts of events also helps to create a pleasant and satisfying environment in the work place. After all, everyone enjoys a good celebration, especially if it benefits everyone, and the results are always positive for all those involved.
If employees can see the company raising its visibility, and being professional and recognizing human values, it all adds to the individual feeling of wellbeing that contributes to our ‘Great Place to Work’ drive. This overall approach has been good and led to some positive changes, however we need to continue reaching out to employees at all levels in terms of understanding their satisfaction levels.

My Personal Recipe for Success – Murli Menon

Positivity is my watchword! Always remain positive and look for solutions to problems rather than generating them. Set an example by yourself and take an interest in everything that you do as there is no job or task that is too small or unimportant.
I strongly believe in honesty and a high level of integrity in everything you do. Try and do things for society and not just for your own benefit. I also like to find a balance in the things I do. Get a good night’s sleep and try and maintain a balanced diet. Always find time to relax, either through sports or just taking a walk. And remember to always get out of bed on the right side which adds positivity in you!
And for a treat, why not try starting the morning by eating couple of dates and a glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey? I find it really sets me up for the day.
Murli Menon is a Chief Security Officer and Head of Sustainability and CSR for IMEA region.

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  • Atos recognized as one of the Top 3 employers in Poland
  • 3000 e-learning modules available to employees
  • Around 20,000 employees are part of the remote working program.
  • Recognition and Reward programs awarded over 6,500 Accolades to employees for outstanding or inspiring behavior and achievements.