Why digital is re-defining the B2C and B2B worlds

Posted on: May 10, 2016 by Luc Barbier

Over the last decade, digitalization has brought acute changes to many sectors; just look at the movie rental sector and bookstores - RIP Blockbuster and Borders. Software is truly disrupting industries and swallowing up legacy businesses while the digitally-wired global economy offers a much more expansive market for online services. While emerging businesses have eaten legacy players for breakfast, this is not the end. We will continue to see other giants disappear if they don’t adapt to the new digital rule book.

The time when digital was only used to improve operations is over. Digital technologies are now empowering organizations to profoundly change their business models, providing new revenue streams and finding novel opportunities to create additional value. B2C businesses, such as retail, transport, CPG, and leisure, were the first to put the consumer experience at the heart of their offerings, fuelled by consumer insights and digitalized data to give a more personalized and customized engagement. At the same time, they’ve discovered how important it is to bring trust to consumers and ensure compliance processes are in place as a prerequisite to success.

For instance, analytics and sophisticated algorithms can now predict consumer behavior and tailor shopping webpages and promotions to the individual, but their privacy must be preserved to an acceptable level . While the B2C world has absorbed the ripple of digitization, it is now being intensely felt by the B2B world too, and no business or public body will remain untouched by its effects.

Today marks Atos’ launch of its new edition Ascent Look Out 2016+, culminating in hundreds of insights about the future of our digital world from our talented scientists and business technology experts. It gives you the opportunity to ‘climb the mast’, see beyond today’s trends, and horizon scan, considering emerging trends and adjacent markets to seek inspiration and innovation. The Look Out is structured along four transformation challenges – business reinvention, customer experience, trust and compliance and operational experience. It has been a valuable prism for our analysis in Ascent Look Out 2016+.

In my next post, I touch upon three themes which have struck me from designing this new Ascent Look Out, all being accelerated by the profusion of technologies around us.I look forward to your thoughts and observations from reading Look Out!

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