Turning data into intelligence for Connected Defense

Posted on: June 5, 2018 by Jérôme Pasinetti

Throughout history, soldiers have recognized the importance of information dominance as a strategic advantage. Information serves to partly dispel the ‘fog of war’, as described by Clausewitz, the Prussian strategist. From scouts responsible for marking out the itineraries of troops on the move, to highly detailed satellite imagery, data is at the heart of military decision-making. It is also at the core of the digital revolution that is now underway in all areas of life.

Efficient data-processing to meet complex needs

The exponential growth in the capacity to collect information (from satellites, social networks, sensors, and so on), together with the imperative to provide analysts, decision-makers and others with relevant, integrated and up-to-date information were both triggers for the decision by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces to launch the ARTEMIS project.

This massive data-processing platform enables the best and most efficient sharing of information while also guaranteeing complete security. The Ministry has a very broad range of needs in relation to data, from intelligence and combat, through to asset maintenance and control. For example, facing unprecedented levels of complexity, the Army’s health service must manage a diverse and geographically fragmented population and the Navy must continuously monitor thousands of maritime points, notably in the French exclusive economic zone (EEZ), the second largest in the world.

Unique digital services capabilities

Such end-to-end data management projects can be approached in two ways. First, they can be designed with a traditional defense-only-oriented angle to serve battle-management or electronic warfare. Then, they can also be defined more globally, with a perspective to serve all the business and processes of an organization such as a Ministry.

As an illustration, let’s figure out ARTEMIS choice for its data solution design. For the Ministry, a key success factor of this project was to turn the old principle of ‘a specific information system for each need’ and create a toolbox to address all possible use cases while ensuring high levels of security across a distributed architecture of its solution. The solution is definitely innovative, allowing the same toolbox to combine extreme computing capabilities as well as software for quickly creating new ARTEMIS-compatible applications.

Supporting digital transformation of the military

Such solutions designed to turn data into intelligence offer many new capabilities. As an example, the ARTEMIS project already allows:

  • Processing a larger proportion of the satellite images that the new constellations will provide
  • Performing predictive maintenance on complex platforms such as the Rafale, by anticipating part changes and improving equipment availability
  • Identifying abnormal behaviors in the huge mass of logs relating to defense information systems in order to automate cyber defense, leaving only the most complex cases to human operators
  • Providing a multi-sensor intelligence platform to perform non-linear correlations and highlight weak signals. At a time of heightened terror alerts, more effective prediction of enemy attacks is critical.

However, these projects have to be deployed taking into consideration three critical components for success: high-performance computing capabilities, state-of-the-art software platform and deep understanding of the military process and market.

And above all, the Armed Forces project must move forward on its digital transformation roadmap to respond to its valuable mission to help protect the country and its citizens at home and all over the world.

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Jérôme is Atos Group's French Defense Market Director since November 2017. He started his career as a strategy consultant before joining the French Ministry of Defense as an official specialist in international relations. Auditor of Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale 68th Defense Policy session, he is also administrator of the think tanks Hestia (security and intelligence) and Téthys - Centre for Strategic and Maritime Affairs. Captain of a citizen reserve corvette, he also has an entrepreneur experience. Within Atos, he is in charge of developing and leading a coherent and sustainable strategy, enabling the Ministry of the Armed Forces to best address the digitization challenges. Jérôme graduated from the Neoma Business School, and holds a Management DESS from Paris I Sorbonne and a Political Science DEA from Paris II-Assas.