Trailblazers use service management best practices

Posted on: Feb 12, 2018 by Michael Kollar

A recent CIO Magazine report describes four characteristics or best practices shared by IT trailblazers. This blog series goes into each of the four characteristics of trailblazers described in the report:

  1. They embrace the cloud and are cloud secure
  2. They use service management best practices
  3. They automate IT services
  4. They provide greater development agility

Service management best practices

The benefits of cloud go well beyond generating financial savings by converting CapEx to OpEx. Trailblazers get this. They see the larger benefits of efficiency and agility (on every level of the business), and they are more willing to affect organizational change. Shifting an organization’s focus is the biggest challenge to digital transformation. Yet it must be overcome in order to align IT with business goals — leading us to think about service management.

Get service-ready

The CIO Magazine report shows that service management best practices are consistently adopted across the trailblazers and not so much among the other groups. As more trailblazers choose hybrid cloud (see the second blog in this series), their service management approach must also become hybrid to include on-premises private cloud platforms plus public cloud.

Hybrid cloud forces an evolution of (1) what you call service management, and (2) how service management operates. Now your configuration management databases need to become hybrid to document your on- and off-premises solutions or infrastructure in addition to your platform-as-a-service solutions and software-as-a-service providers. They’ll give you a total view of the end-to-end ecosystem that runs your business.

Begin with the end-to-end in mind

Service management now needs to be applied across this new hybrid ecosystem. It needs to evolve to the concept of building cloud-native apps and integrating security and microservices as part of an end-to-end framework for service management. That’s what companies have to do, and it’s actually what trailblazers are doing above and beyond standard service management. They’re adapting it and evolving it to align to hybrid cloud.

Not sure. It’s about new research on cloud and application transformation.

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