How IT trailblazers get more business value from app transformation

Posted on: Jan 02, 2018 by Michael Kollar

How are you leveraging cloud to transform your applications and infrastructure? Would you consider yourself a trailblazer, or are you struggling to keep up? A few months ago, we noticed some similarities in the approaches our clients take to modernizing their application and infrastructure services by leveraging new cloud-based services.

We wanted to know more. Are the trends consistent across organisations and industries? Is there uniformity in how leaders are thinking about the problem or solving the problem? What are they doing to move toward their desired outcomes?

We commissioned CIO Magazine to look into it. The findings are available in this report: IT Trailblazers Reveal a Path to Business Value from App Transformation

The report categorizes cloud adopters into three categories: trailblazers, those that move with the masses, and those trying to catch up. One of the first takeaways is that trailblazers are twice as likely as the others to get significant business and innovation benefits from the cloud. The report also goes into the practices and mindsets that lead to those significant benefits. If you want to see how successful enterprises get real business value from cloud-based application transformation, read it.

As I reviewed the initial findings, a couple things struck me about control.

Single-minded disconnect

At times there’s a disconnect between IT and the line-of-business objectives, and what each side was willing to do to achieve those objectives. For example, IT typically tries to impose rigorous policies and controls on how infrastructure is used for standardization, security, etc., without thinking through the impact to business units and their ability to grow revenue.

Legacy thinking

A lot of the thinking around governance and standardization is based on legacy or previously successful models used for internal IT controls. There isn’t a great understanding or existing expertise, in some organizations, of how to use cloud to transform what they could do in support of the business. Take the whole concept of DevOps. Too many organizations are trying to control continuous integration, continuous development and deployment by having a legacy mindset around change control, ITIL and service mgmt.

Everyone needs to loosen up a bit

We see both of these scenarios play out even among trailblazers. Sometimes they’re limited by the IT department’s insistence on controlling change rather than setting it free — at the expense of business objectives. And as you go further away from the trailblazers to the rest of the community, loosening control is almost a nonstarter.

If you have to go through weeks of change control boards to make a change that could have been completed and pushed in an hour, you need to reevaluate what you are doing. Put simply, you need to evolve your thinking!

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