Traditional / Social Media Convergence Phase 2

Posted on: June 25, 2013 by Paul Moore Olmstead

In a blogpost of mine from a few months ago I spoke about how social media and traditional media were quickly converging. But it seems that Twitter has now moved into the next phase, which is beginning to look like a full scale invasion:

I think maybe we see a pattern here… Twitter is clearly going after the broadcasters ad revenue. And it seems the broadcasters have no choice but to go along with it. But the real question for now is if this will just serve to slow the broadcasters long term decline (i.e. or if they are just dividing up a shrinking ad revenue pie) or if this marriage with social media can help revitalize the traditional media industry.

On the other hand, TV’s biggest enemy right now is YouTube and, maybe even more ominous in the long run, Facebook seems to be in the process of declaring open war on the television and video industry. Maybe we need to see this as a question of the television industry’s enemy’s enemy is its friend!

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