Telcos must unlock business value from network and service data

Posted on: February 20, 2018 by Emmanuel Wensink

As the most data-rich of any business sector, are telcos making the most of their data assets?

As telcos put more and more emphasis on the quality of customer experience, the need to exploit network and service data to the max gains in importance.

You need it to build the big picture – to understand what business and consumer customers are doing; to know what’s hot and what’s emerging; to know where frustrations and bottlenecks occur; and to ensure that great performance is maintained at minimized operational cost.

You need it for the personal picture too: only individual profiling and response is going to keep your customers loyal.

And all of this is happening in realtime – or near-realtime. What matters for your customers is what’s happening right now! They don’t care if you met 99.99% of your service targets for the last quarter – they care about instant service gratification and value.

Team Game

Unlocking business value from network and service data is a team game. Our telco customers are in the driving seat. You own the data assets: without those, nobody is going to deliver actionable business insight.

You also need the tools to safely and accurately capture massive volumes of data from your network and business service systems in realtime.

And you need the advanced and agile analytics which are going to turn that data into business value

Your business and consumer clients want instant response, and that means acting fast. You cannot afford to wait six months for a prototypes and proofs-of-concept, no matter how impressive.

That’s use-cases are so important.

Business accelerators

At MWC 2018, together with our partner F5, we are going to showcase four use-cases designed to turn network and service data to immediate business value.

All our guests are going to have hectic schedules in Barcelona, and we have framed our data analytics use-cases with that in mind.

Quality-of-ExperienceBy combining predictive and prescriptive analytics, we will be demonstrating ways to track clients streaming profiles and service satisfaction. Get hands-on with easy-to-follow F5 dashboards and talk about how best to fast-track deployment.
Realtime Network Tuning


As virtualized and cloud-based network services become the norm, highly automated self-healing makes a major contribution to driving out operational cost and increasing performance. Network management teams are already showing plenty of interest in this Atos F5 use-case.
Contextual MarketingMore and more telco customers are happy to enable geo-location services. Concerns for privacy have been overcome by the clear consumer benefits. With specialist Flytxt, we will be showing you how to max out the returns from geo-location marketing.
Crowd and Movement AnalyticsBy integrating 3D video and device analytics we’ll be showing how event organizers – or indeed those who manage transport hubs or retail spaces – can gain new insights into crowd behavior, density and movement.


The Mobile World Congress attracts the widest range of telco professionals – and we do understand that different specialties have different priorities. With the use cases on show, for example, marketers will naturally be drawn to geo-location and customer experience, while network teams will focus on self-healing networks.

We do recognize, however, the sustainable success for any telco demands new levels of collaboration between previously separate disciplines.

Let’s make MWC 2018 an opportunity to connect, converge and create.

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