Where are telcos heading – and how are they going to get there

Posted on: February 15, 2018 by Oliver Kleinhenz

Telcos in transformation: connect, converge, create

Perhaps more than any other sector, the telco is the embodiment of our digital future. It is, after all, the services made possible by telcos which define digital experience for most people on the planet.

What we take for granted today was barely conceivable even ten years ago. We expect high-quality, low-cost access to voice and data services wherever we go. What we see on the screen of our smartphone or tablet may be a social media app, a retail or entertainment service, or whatever – but the enabler behind all that is the telco.

And for the telcos themselves, all this raises some fundamental questions: where are they going and how are they going to get there? How, in effect, are they going to create identity and value when faced with the risk of being perceived simply as enablers for more glamorous players.

Connect, Converge, Create: Bringing it all together

Connect is no surprise. It’s what telcos do: wired or wireless; at campus, national or international level; telcos are the ultimate connectors. But now we shift to hyper-connectivity. And it’s not just people who are connected: we already live in a world of over 8 billion connected objects.

Even though every connection needs to be logged, managed and protected, it’s the convergence made possible through this hyper-connectivity where the real potential lies. Telcos were among the first to turn convergence to commercial benefit back at the start of the century with triple and then quadruple play propositions – bundles of fixed and mobile, voice and media services.

But that was then.

The challenge for telcos to stay ahead, to achieve differentiation and brand advantage, lies in their creative vision. How can telcos take the reality of hyper-connectivity and convergence and turn it into winning, profitable and secure digital products and services?

Ideas and inspiration at the MWC 2018

As a long-term partner to the world’s leading telcos, Atos is keenly focused on helping forward-thinking communication service providers capitalize on creative ideas.

At MWC 2018, you will have the chance to share ideas with experts from across the Atos team.

We’ll be exploring data analytics, cognitive and deep-learning. We’ll be asking how virtualization technologies and new approaches to automation can contribute, transforming existing network and IT assets into a new platform. This new platform must enable telcos both to offer increased customer value and to on-board new digital services.

We’ll be thinking about advanced transaction services too, and about these can help telcos optimize billing and charging while offering ever-more personal customer services.

And we’ll be giving you the chance to take a close look at smart automation – essential in the development of new IoT propositions and in implementing agile and massively scalable virtual networks.

Let’s make MWC 2018 an opportunity to connect, converge and create.

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