Tech a minute video: safer roads with autonomous vehicles?

Self-driving cars can have a tremendous effect on road safety. They would eliminate more than 90% of car accidents caused by bad decisions by motorists today.

But while they may be safer, autonomous vehicles can still be involved in accidents, including deadly ones. So, how safe should self-driving cars be to be allowed on the road?

That’s the question we asked our expert Fabio De Pasquale, User Experience Consultant at Atos.

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About Fabio De Pasquale

UX Consultant, Worldline
Graduated in architecture EU in the University of Rome "La Sapienza", since 2007 I have specialized in web graphic design and since 2011 in the design of mobile applications.I joined Atos in 2015 as User Experience Consultant at Worldline Mobile Competence Center in Barcelona and where I’m also the UX & Design deputy team leader.My specializations are user research, accessibility and user experience definition for mobile applications, IoT, wearables, vocal assistant and chatbot.I’m part of Worldline and Atos expert network at global level. I have been also member of the Worldline Juniors' Group, an international, cross-functional network of talents.

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