Tech a minute video: How can AI help fight cyberthreats

Last November, two hospitals in Ohio and West Virginia turned patients away due to a ransomware attack. At the time, many asked what the hospitals could have done to prevent this. Many organizations are starting to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) to allow them to remain secure. Research shows that 60% think AI has the ability to find attacks before they do damage. But how exactly is it possible?

That’s the question we asked to our expert Zeina Zakhour, Global Chief Technology officer for Cybersecurity at Atos.

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About Zeina Zakhour

Fellow, Global Chief Technical Officer, Cybersecurity, Atos and member of the Scientific Community
Zeina Zakhour is the Global CTO for cybersecurity in Atos, creating , by day and a few nights, innovative solutions to be a step ahead of cybercriminals. Not an easy task you might say… But she is putting her 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity field to good use. Zeina covers the end-to-end spectrum of cybersecurity from security advisory, to security integration, managed security services and IoT and big data security. She worked closely with Fortune 500 companies to advise them in their security strategy and secure their infrastructure and protect their data. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering in C.C.E from Notre Dame University Lebanon, a M. Sc. From Telecom Sud Paris and an Executive MBA from HEC. She is member of Atos Scientific Community and a Fellow in cybersecurity. She is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a certified ISO 27005 Risk Manager. Yet she believes that when it comes to cybersecurity, we never stop learning.

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