Teamwork and Technology Under Pressure

Posted on: August 14, 2012 by Guy Lidbetter

The core IT infrastructure for any Olympic Games is a teamwork and effort and London 2012 has been no exception. The IT forms the backbone of the games, underpinned by 9 international technology partners working in unison.

CIOs in any sector might consider the challenges of managing 9 separate major IT contracts through a prime integrator with no direct contracting relationship with any of the others. Yet this is what has been happening and the key to success is establishing a truly common goal. This has all taken place behind the scenes with Atos as the IT integrator for the IOC and LOCOG, leading the other technology partners to manage the Games IT, communications, media, sports and technology security systems.

Teamwork and Challenge

This of course presents a formidable challenge. The complexities that such a project represents, which is operational for just 6 weeks across the Olympic and Paralympic events, are not undertaken lightly and if there is one lesson above all else that CIOs might consider, it would be to question potential suppliers delivering their own strategic IT projects … “Where have you done this before?”.

As Gerry Pennell, CIO for London 2012, said "I think the players all share the same objective. It's too visible to not take accountability - everyone shares accountability".

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